Nepal Centre for Disaster Management

Protecting Livelihood : Reinforcing the structural integrity of foundations.

Ensuring Safety : Providing families and community safe solutions.

Generating Ideas : Delivering practical and feasible advice to affected regions.

Natural Disaster Facts

Notable Earthquakes

Notable Floods

Notable Avalanches

Notable Droughts

NCDM Central Office

Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal

opposite the UN Building

G.P.O. Box 4058

Telephone: 977-1-4301919

Phone: 977-9851073456

Email: meen.chhetri@yahoo.com

Our Objectives

The Nepal Centre for Disaster Management (NCDM) has the following objectives:

  • Carry out study, research, survey and other related activities for disaster mitigation and preparedness.
  • Develop appropriate technology for disaster risk reduction and disseminate them to vulnerable communities.
  • Organize trainings, seminars, workshops, interactions, and exhibitions at national and international level on disaster risk mitigation and management.
  • Organize community level programs to enhance their coping capacity against disasters.
  • Work with concerned organizations, including the Government, and the affected people and institutions to manage and mitigate the risk of natural or other disasters. Also work as a contact point and liaison between the victims of disasters and the government agencies at times of disasters.
  • Publish posters, pamphlets, booklets, journals, and produce audiovisuals to raise disaster awareness among people.
  • Help to enhance coordination between the government and non-government organizations in disaster preparedness, prevention, mitigation, rescue, relief, and rehabilitation.
  • Play active role to assist the government in providing immediate rescue, relief and rehabilitation to the victims of disasters.
  • Establish coordination and cooperation with national and international institutions and individuals and exchange expertise and knowledge in disaster mitigation, rescue, relief, and rehabilitation.
  • Establish and operate database on disasters in the country and carry out damage assessment after disasters.
  • Work for the protection of the environment in order to mitigate natural disasters, particularly for floods and landslides.


Protecting Livelihood.

Generating Ideas.

Ensuring Safety.

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