Nepal Centre for Disaster Management

Protecting Livelihood : Reinforcing the structural integrity of foundations.

Ensuring Safety : Providing families and community safe solutions.

Generating Ideas : Delivering practical and feasible advice to affected regions.

Natural Disaster Facts

Notable Earthquakes

Notable Floods

Notable Avalanches

Notable Droughts

NCDM Central Office

Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal

opposite the UN Building

G.P.O. Box 4058

Telephone: 977-1-4301919

Phone: 977-9851073456

Email: meen.chhetri@yahoo.com

Chronology of Projects Completed

Year Project Title
2009 Existing Government and Municipal Policies on Earthquake Risk Reduction, Response, and Preparedness
2008 Flood and Landslide Response-Training and On-The-Site Damage/Needs Assessment
2007 Flood and Landslide Response – Damage and Need Assessment
2007 Workshop on Pre-Fire Disaster Preparedness
2006 Design of Safe Shelter Houses in Maldives
2006 Mid-Term Review Of Disaster Preparedness and Response Program
2006 Drafting Of Act and National Policy Document
2006 Preparedness of Emergency Preparedness Plan
2006 Appropriation of Emergency Preparedness Plan
2006 Development of Fire-Resistant Thatch-Roofing Technology
2005 Retrofitting Of Stone Masonry Houses
2005 Converting Vulnerable City Core Buildings into Earthquake Resistant Housing Complex
2005 Preparation of National Report
2004 Tsunami Impact Assessment
2004 Improvement of Governance on Disaster Management
2003 National Workshops on Pre-Monsoon Disaster Preparedness
2003 Emergency Preparedness Plan for UNDP Nepal
- - Public Awareness Program


Protecting Livelihood.

Generating Ideas.

Ensuring Safety.

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