Brief profile of Prof. Dr. Jiba Raj Pokharel

Former President and Executive Member, NCDM

Prof. Jiba Raj Pokharel is a retired Professor of the Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University and also a former Dean of the Institute. He holds a B.Arc. Degree in architecture from India and a PhD from the University of York, UK specializing in Architecture Conservation.  He is the Immediate Past Vice Chancellor and an Academician of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology. Prof. Pokharel was the President of Nepal Engineers Association. At present, he is the principal of Kantipur Engineering College and Everest World School.


An architect by Profession, Dr. Pokharel is the designer of Maya Devi temple in Lumbini. He has written a few books on Architecure viz., Oh! Architecture, written in Shakespearean Sonnets, Sikchhak Sisya Sambad, written in classical meters, Patan Ko Krishna Mandir, written in folk style. He is a regular contributor to the Himalayan Times, Rising Nepal and Annapurna Post on contemporary issues.

Prof. Pokharel was a member of the national committee formed by the Government on the conservation of Hari Bhawan in Kathmandu. At present, he is in a committee to look after the conservation of Jaya Bageswori temple in Pashupati premises. Recently, he also worked as an Architect Team Leader for the preparation of the Sustainable Tourism Development Action Plan of Chyama Singha Dattatraya Corridor of Bhaktapur. Currently, he is working as a Team Leader architect towards the preparation of the conservation and Development Action Plan of Chapagaon in Kathmandu.

Prof. Pokharel is the founder member and the former President of Nepal Centre for Disaster Management (NCDM), and currently he is an Executive Member. Prof. Pokharel has developed a number of technologies for disaster risk reduction such as fire-resistant thatch roofing, landslide stabilization and Earthquake damping technologies to name a few. He has also written a first ever Disaster epic entitled Maina Bulbul written in folk Nepali style.